The Doctor Is Just A Text Away With Talkspace

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing but is the fact that we are always connected, actually causing us to have mental health issues? According to a study completed in South Korea, this may be the case. They revealed that more than 10 percent of teenagers, who are constantly connected to the internet have a higher risk of depression than those teens who are not.

This would explain why services such as Talkspace are gaining in popularity. Talkspace allows their clients to reach out to them by test and other online means without having to travel to an actual office. Not only does this allows people to get help immediately but it is less expensive than actually going to a therapist office. Talkspace claims to have over 1,000 professionals ready to help clients. All of their professionals are licensed therapists.

Talkspace believes that online therapy is very beneficial. For those people who stated that they never could take the time away from their job or family, can now get the help they need from their phone. The cost is also a lot less than traditional therapy. Talkspace has a plan that starts out at only 32 dollars a week that allows clients to text with their therapist once a day.

They even recently signed a deal with a major health provider, Magellan Health. This will allow thier cleints to utilize Talkspace services. There is something to said about having a therapist available at the tip of your fingers.

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