Who is Michel Terpin?

Michel terpins was born in Brazil in a family that highly regarded sports and knew the power of sports to change the destiny of a person.

His father was a successful sportsman who transcended a lot of challenges to play for his country and club in the late 60’s as well as the early 70’s. He raised his sons to love sports and actively encouraged them to at some point venture into them. Having been appointed as the head of the Brazilian sports commission it only confirmed his commitment to the need for his sons to be sportsmen themselves. He would, therefore, be very supportive of his son Michel Terpins when he joined the Cross-country championship.

He began as a junior competitor and this is what he would use as his stepping stone for the career that he would grow him into a champion. His rise to the top was a pure show of the resourcefulness and commitment that he put in the growing of his racing abilities.

He grew his abilities by enhancing his training and skills to become as good as those who were at the top of the championship at the time. He has become a renowned icon of the cross country as when he joined the top team he never went back. He was so consistent that by the time he left which was a surprise for many he was still the reigning champion.

His skills in cross country would help him in the next journey of his sports career when he joined motorsport rallying.

He was a product of the constant and persistent pleadings of his brother Rodrigo terpins to move into rallying. When he joined they would eventually co-found the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The team was a mark of commitment from Michel Terpins that he was now into rallying and had left the cross country.

In rallying, he has taken part in numerous rallying events and also been part of the Sertões Rally which is the premier rallying event in Brazil.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team has been able to grow and expand and this continues to mark the abilities of Michel.

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